.REISEN is the peculiar top-level domain of the German tourism industry!

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The Greenpass EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation came into force on July 1, 2021. All EU citizens and residents can now have their digital COVID certificates issued and verified across the EU. The digital green certificate will make traveling around the world easier and will have a major impact on the tourism sector in the years to come!

The .REISEN domain extension is very important for millions of German-speaking people and entrepreneurs who are involved in the business or pleasure of traveling.

This very large and diverse group includes transportation, room and board, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and exploration, travel training, adventure travel, travel writing, and other commercial and non-commercial activities.

.REISEN is particularly suitable for travel providers and publishers who offer, describe and comment on travel destinations, tours, etc., catalog travel experiences or offer them via a forum for self-presentation. This widespread domain extension has been controlled and assigned securely and legitimately on behalf of all registrants since 2014.

The domain name is transferred single and independently, WITHOUT further services, copyrights or other claims connected to the current linked portal.

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